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April 17, 2002 @ 6:30pm.
Twenty degree temperature drop, 180 degree wind shift, tripling of wind speed. [submitted by erik]

May 3, 2002.
Crazy wind all day, with a number of 35 knot gusts! [submitted by erik]

September 11, 2002.
Tropical storm Gustav passin' by. Forty-two knot gust! CBI closed at 2:30pm. [submitted by erik]

October 16, 2005.
I would add today as a great day for the CBI record. 10mph winds with 30+ gusts. Excellent! I was out on the dock and 4 advanced helmsman tests failed, 2 due to equipment breaking and 2 due to taking on water. They cancelled the tiller club after 3 boats went out and capsized. I took a keel merc out with a storm sail and barely managed to avoid capsizing several times. [submitted by Marty Schoen. I was lucky enough to get to sail and avoid capsize on this day as well. It was a wonderful workout. -erik]

October 29, 2006.
Many 30+ gusts! Karl got his AH! I swamped a merc on a broad reach; triped up on the face of a wave. [submitted by erik]

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